Remote Backup

Protect your investment

Your hard drive will fail
It is unfortunate, but a fact. Hard disk drives can be easily replaced but your documents, photo's and other important data can not.

Ensure that your data is backed up today. Contact us if you have any questions or choose a plan below.

FTP & SSH access
Encrypted rsync transfer
No transfer limit
Windows and Linux supported

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5gb Disk Space
$5 per month
15gb Disk Space
$9 per month
100gb Disk Space
$35 per month
Custom Space
$x per month
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Is there a limit to the type or number of files I can upload?
We do not restrict the types of file you can upload. The number of files is only limited by the amount of space you have signed up for.

How often can I back up my files?
This is completely your choice. For general workstations and home use you will probably find that an automated nightly backup will suffice. For a more critical web server you may want to perform a backup every 4 hours, the choice is yours.

Can’t I just backup to CD and DVD?
Yes you can, however, from our experience we have seen backups fail time and time again because of different reasons e.g. you forgot to change the DVD so the backup is out of date, fire destroyed your computer and the backup DVD which was sitting on top of it or a thief stole the computer along with the backup DVD which was sitting in the drive. By configuring and using an offsite backup you can relax knowing that your data is being backup up automatically at the time interval you choose and you can restore your data at any time to any computer with an internet connection.

I need more than 100gb of backup space, can you help?
No problem, we can even provide you with 1000gb if necessary!

Can you help me setup my backups?
After signing up we will provide instructions for linux based computers. For Windows based computers any backup application capable of FTP based backups is supported, contact us for more details.

What is rsync?
Rsync greatly improves efficiency when compared to traditional remote backup methods. By synchronizing only those files that have changed since the last backup, using rsync results in large bandwidth savings. When combined with on-the-fly compression, performing daily rsync backup can result in less data transfer than it would take to perform two backups using the .tar.gz method in a given month.

Is the backup data stored in the same place as my website which you host?
No, the data will not only be stored on a different server, but for your protection we store all backups at a completely different data center for redundancy.