Server Monitoring

Is your website down?

Server Monitoring
We can monitor your web site and notify you immediately if there is a problem accessing it.

Rather than sitting at your computer refreshing the page constantly let us keep an eye on your site.


1 to 15 minute interval
E-Mail and SMS notification
Multiple monitoring locations
Supports all major ports

15 minute
$2.50 monthly
10 minute
$3.00 monthly
5 minute
$3.50 monthly
3 minute
$5.50 monthly
2 minute
$7.50 monthly
1 minute
$12.50 monthly
SMS notification
$0.35 per SMS
billed as required
Prices are per Address or port monitored.



What does "Multiple monitoring locations" mean?
We will access your site from multiple monitoring servers in different continents to ensure a thorough check of your web site.

Do I need a server to use this?
No, you can specify any address including that of your personal web site and we can start monitoring it today. There is nothing to install on your end.

How do the SMS alerts work?
When you sign up you can specify a mobile phone number anywhere in the world which we will then instantly send a text message to if your site goes down.

Is SMS alerting mandatory ?
No, E-Mail is the standard alert option and you may optionally choose to enable SMS alerts.